Sports Star Hoop Shoot Registration

Join Athletes Caring Together for its 4th annual SPORTS STAR HOOP SHOOT fundraiser to get kids moving and help children in our community get involved in sports!

Event Location:
Dunmore Community Center
1414 Monroe Ave.
Dunmore, PA 18509

Age breakdown is as followed:
ages 7-10 years check-in @ 11 am
ages 11-15 years check-in @ 12pm
ages 16 & over check-in @ 12pm

Entry fee is $15 for ages 7-10 (Foul shot only) and $20 for ages 11 and up (Foul shot and 3 point contest).

There will be prizes given for 1st place wins as well as GRAND PRIZE for both contests!

Contest Rules

Foul Shot Contest:
Foul Shot Contest Each contestant will be allowed to shoot 10 free throws. If a contestant makes all 10 free throws, they continue to shoot until they miss. The contestant who makes the most shots will be declared the winner. Tie – Breaker In case of a tie, the contestant who makes the most consecutive shots will be declared the champion. Each contestant may not participate more than once in each event. (Foul shot contest or 3pt contest)
3pt Contest:
Participant will shoot 5 racks of basketballs each at the 3 point locations (no time restriction).   Each rack will have five balls. Participant can choose which corner to start from, but cannot start from the top of the key or either wing. Participants feet cannot be on the line when he/she attempts shot. Spotter will notify shooter and official scorer if infraction occurs. Each made shot is worth 1 point.  The participant with the most points will be declared the winner.  In the event of a tie, participants will shoot all 5 racks again under a one minute shot clock.  Whomever makes the most shots under the 1 minute time frame will be declared the champion of the 3 point contest.
Grand Champion:  Both scores will be totaled from each contest.  Whomever has the highest total will be declared the Grand Champion.  (Only age groups 11-15 and 16+)